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common genet (Genetta genetta)
Subject: common genet (Genetta genetta)
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common genet (Genetta genetta)

Original caption: "Europäische Genette, Genetta genetta L. 1/4 natürlicher Größe." Translation (partly): "Small spotted genet, Genetta genetta L. 1/4 natural size." Size: 5.2 x 4.1 in² (13.2 x 10.4 cm²)
Source Brehms Tierleben, Small Edition 1927
Author Gustav Mützel

The common genet (Genetta genetta), also known as Small-spotted Genet, is a small viverrid indigenous to Africa that was introduced to southwestern Europe and the Balearic Islands. Genetta genetta is widely distributed north of the Sahara, in savanna zones south of the Sahara to southern Africa and along the coast of Arabia, Yemen and Oman. It has also been recorded in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

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