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(Horned) Opalescent Nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis) <!--하늘소갯민숭이-->
Subject: (Horned) Opalescent Nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis)
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(Horned) Opalescent Nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis)

Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Hermissenda, Hermissenda crassicornis, also known as the Opalescent Sea Slug, is found in a variety of habitats including mud flats, rocky shores and wharf pilings. Its body is up to 80 mm long. Its dorsal surface has a single orange stripe and bright "electric blue lines, but otherwise is variable in color. Kodiak to Baja California.

Image ID: nerr0805, NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve Collection
Location: North Puget Sound, Anacortes, Washington

Photo Source:
The NOAA Photo Library
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA)

Hermissenda crassicornis is a species of brightly coloured, sea slug or nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Facelinidae. Common names: Opalescent nudibranch, Opalescent sea slug, hermissenda.

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