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Squirrel - squirrel02.jpg
Subject: Squirrel - squirrel02.jpg
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CassinoPhoto-Fox Squirrel02-eating nut on grass.jpg
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Squirrel - squirrel02.jpg

-- Mark Cassino Kalamazoo, MI "Thunder is impressive, thunder is loud, but it's the Lightning that does the work!" -- Mark Twain Comments ======== From: Date: Tue Aug 17 14:37:15 KST 1999 File To Comment: animal2/AmericanRedSquirrel00-Index.jpg All of the squirrels on this page are fox squirrels (Sciurus niger), not red squirrels (Tamaisciurus hudsonicus). Fox squirrels are twice the size of red squirrels and have different coloration. Amy Howe

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