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Merluccius hubbsi, Argentine hake
Subject: Merluccius hubbsi, Argentine hake
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Merluccius hubbsi - Merluccius hubbsi, Argentine hake.jpg
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Merluccius hubbsi, Argentine hake

Español: Foto de merluza hubbisi
Author Pablopayetta

The Argentine hake (Merluccius hubbsi) is a merluccid hake of the genus Merluccius, found in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean, along the coast of Argentina. Very similar to Merluccius merluccius (European hake), it can reach a length of 95 cm, with a weight up to 5 kg. It lives at depths from 100 to 200 m, and feeds on crustaceans, squids and fish (including smaller hakes). It migrates southwards in spring and northwards in autumn. Order: Gadiformes, Family: Merlucciidae, Subfamily: Merlucciinae, Genus: Merluccius, Species: Merluccius hubbsi Marini, 1933.

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