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Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii) <!--올빼미금화조(---錦花鳥)-->
Subject: Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii)
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Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii)

Subject: Australian Bird Scans Double-Bar_Finch.jpg
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 02:25:16 GMT

Double-barred Finch Taeniopygia bichenovii is an estrildid finch found in dry savanna, tropical (lowland) dry grassland and shrubland habitats in northern and eastern Australia. They are sometimes referred to as Bicheno's Finch; and also as Owl Finch, owing to the dark ring of feathers around their faces.

Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii)
Scientific Name: Taeniopygia bichenovii (Vigors & Horsfield, 1827)
Common Names: Double-barred Finch, Double-banded Finch, Owl Finch, Bicheno Finch, Banded Finch, Ringed Finch, Black-ringed Finch (annulosa)
French: Diamant de Bicheno German: Ringelamadine Spanish: Diamante de Bichenov
Taxonomy: Fringilla Bichenovii Vigors and Horsfield, 1827, Shoalwater Bay and Broad Sound, southern Queensland, Australia.

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