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fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota)
Subject: fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota)
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Pipraeidea melanonota melanonota 1838 - fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota).jpg
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fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota)

English: « Tanagra vittata » = Pipraeidea melanonota melanonota (Subspecies of Fawn-breasted Tanager) - male and female
Français: « Tanagra vittata » = Pipraeidea melanonota melanonota (Sous-espèce de Tangara à dos noir) - mâle et femelle
Date 1838
Source Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées d'oiseaux
Author Nicolas Huet le Jeune (1770–1830), Jean-Gabriel Prêtre (1768–1849)

The fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota) is a species of tanager with a blue head and yellow breast. It is in the genus Pipraeidea, along with the Blue-and-yellow tanager. It occurs in the Andes of northwestern Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, as well as in the highlands of northeastern Argentina, south Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The species was first described in Rio de Janeiro in 1819 by Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot a French ornithologist, under the name Tangara melanonota. Pipraeidea derives from the combination of Greek words "pipra" (small bird) and "eidos" ("likeness"); the specific name melanonota derices from "melas" (black) and "nōtos" (back). Recent DNA evidence places this species as closely related probable relation to the blue-and-yellow tanager. Order: Passeriformes, Family: Thraupidae, Genus: Pipraeidea, Species: Pipraeidea melanonota (Vieillot, 1819).

Scientific Name: Pipraeidea melanonota (Vieillot, 1819)
Common Name: Fawn-breasted Tanager

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