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black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus)
Subject: black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus)
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black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus)

Русский: Черноморская скорпена-ёрш
Latina: Scorpaena porcus
Date 17 December 2012, 19:51:10
Author Dmitriy Konstantinov

The black scorpionfish (Scorpaena porcus) is a venomous Scorpionfish, common in marine subtropical waters. It is widespread in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from the British Isles to the Azores and Canary Islands, near the coasts of Morocco, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Order: Scorpaeniformes, Family: Scorpaenidae, Genus: Scorpaena, Species: Scorpaena porcus (Linnaeus, 1758), Synonyms: Scorpaena erythraea Cuvier, 1829.

Scientific Name: Scorpaena porcus Linnaeus, 1758
Common Names:
English – Black Scorpionfish, European Scorpionfish, Rascasse, Sea Pig, Sea Scorpion, Small-scaled Scorpionfish, Black Scorpion-fish
French – Bouillabaisse, Porc, Rascasse Brune, Scorpène
Spanish – Cabracho, Escarapota, Rascacio
Synonyms: Scorpaena erythraea Cuvier, 1829

european scorpionfish
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