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Amata phegea, nine-spotted moth
Subject: Amata phegea, nine-spotted moth
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Amata phegea, nine-spotted moth

Description Amata phegea
Date 1 July 2006
Author Jiří Nedorost

The nine-spotted moth or yellow belted burnet (Amata phegea, formerly Syntomis phegea)) is a moth in the family Erebidae ("tiger moths"). The nine-spotted moth is chiefly found in southern Europe but also seen up to northern Germany, and in the East to Anatolia and the Caucasus. Order: Lepidoptera, Superfamily: Noctuoidea, Family: Erebidae, Tribe: Syntomini, Genus: Amata, Species: Amata phegea (Linnaeus, 1758).
Sphinx phegea Linnaeus, 1758
Syntomis phegea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sphinx ligata Allioni, 1766
Zygaena quercus Fabricius, 1793
Sphinx iphimedia Esper, [1804]
Spinx cloelia Esper, 1783
Spinx cloelia Esper, [1804]
Syntomis phegea bessarabica Stauder, 1924
Amata phegea bessarabica nat. kijevana Obraztsov, 1936
Amata (Syntomis) phegea phegea nat. ukrainica Obraztsov, 1966
Syntomis phegea orientalis Daniel, 1950

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