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Plains Zebra <!-- 초원얼룩말 -->
Subject: Plains Zebra
Grant s Plains ZEBRAS-Lineup-Drinking Water.JPG
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Plains Zebra


These seem to be "Grant's zebras".

The plains zebra (Equus quagga, formerly Equus burchellii), also known as the common zebra or Burchell's zebra, or locally as the "quagga", is the most common and geographically widespread species of zebra. It ranges from the south of Ethiopia through East Africa to as far south as Botswana and eastern South Africa.

Equus quagga boehmi Matschie, 1892
-- Hippotigris muansae Matschie, 1906
-- Equus tigrinus Johnston, 1897
-- Equus burchellii boehmi Matschie, 1892
-- Equus burchelli zambeziensis Prazak, 1898
Common Names: Grant's Zebra [English]

equus quagga burchellii
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