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Coydog (Coyote-Dog Hybrid) - Wiki
Subject: Coydog (Coyote-Dog Hybrid) - Wiki
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Coydog (Coyote-Dog Hybrid) - Wiki

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[Photo] Coyote / Irish Setter cross.

A coydog is the hybrid offspring of a male coyote (Canis latrans) and a female dog (Canis lupus familiaris). Together they are genetically capable of producing fertile young. The dogote, a similar hybrid, is the result of breeding a male domestic dog with a female coyote. Where the cross-breeding of animals is concerned, the father's species gives the first part of the offspring's name.

Coydogs were once believed to be present in large numbers in Pennsylvania, due to coyotes being in decline and domestic dogs being available as mates. Most were probably naturally occurring red or blond coyotes or were feral dogs. If interbreeding between the species was common, the coyote population would be expected to acquire more dog-like traits with each successive generation. Coyotes have also been crossed with Australian dingoes.

Dogotes are fairly rare in the wild, in part because female coyotes are fertile for only about 60 days out of the year. Wild coydogs and dogotes can cause problems for humans, as they allegedly have the infamous cunning of coyotes but lack coyotes' natural fear of humans.

Breeding habits
Coyotes also breed with wolves, resulting in coy-wolves. Coyote/red wolf hybrids have also been found. Some zoologists do not consider the American red wolf to be a true species since it can hybridize with both the gray wolf and the coyote. The argument that it is a gray wolf/coyote hybrid prevents conservation efforts.
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i believe my dog is the same mix, found on the side of the road and brought to a humane society. can you give me insight to the personality issues
Coydogs will eat your cats and possibly human toddlers if given the chance. I lived a mile from the road in the woods of western Maine for a few years. Coydogs run in packs. A solitary coydog probably poses little threat to a grown adult human, but in a pack, I would be cautious. They like to hang out near brooks and streams at night (probably because other creatures go there for water, too.) They will hunt down and kill deer. I hate them and wish they were all dead. I think one got my cat last Sunday. The cat is 11 yrs. old and not as spry as he once was.
You left an 11 year old cat outside? Poor cat deserved better.
Old cat in rural maine of course it was eaten it could have been a cougar just as well.
I have a 22 year old coydog, (one of the benefits of hybrid vigor, shes never been sick, EVER) she was very skittish and somewhat aggressive when i got her as a small child. we thought she was just a kinda ugly mutt. over the years she has turned into a wonderful companion , but is still a little wierd around strangers. she is very protective , and i believe her to be a good judge of character. she has never harmed anyone or anything, so to say a "Coydogs will eat your cats and possibly human toddlers if given the chance" is just a really ignorant statement. We have had over 30 rescue dogs and cats in our homes as i was growing up , she has a very strong maternal instinct , she even was a "camp Couselor" to the small dog group at a doggie daycare i worked at. She was very independent , hyper and seemingly confused as a teen doggie, but i quickly learned how to manage an alpha position above her, and she drastically had a change in behavior. i wouldn't recommend a coydog to an inexperienced dog owner. and i would research both dog psycology and coyote behavior if you want, have or think you have one. coydogs CAN be great dogs for the right people, but remember they are scavengers, so even the best behaved have a tendency to go through garbage if they can get to it, and if they're like mine, Dig fairly elaborate dens all over your yard , which can pose a threat to small children or other pets due to the possibility of collapse. just like with any other canid , strong leadership, defined and persistant expecations, adequate exercise and SOCIALIZATION, can prevent any behavior problems, be it a hybrid or not. also if you truly believe you have a coydog, most universities will gladly examine or genetically test your dog for free. ^__^ i hope this helps!!!
I have recently found a stray female coydog. She loves to be around people and is very sweet. She is an albino, deaf and partially blind. i believe her to be around 2 years old or so. I have not yet introduced her to my 3 year old cat until I do some research on their behavior. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated

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