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snowdog-Samoyed Mix-Dog standing on snow-by Kostas Pantermalis.jpg
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File To Comment: animal2/snowdog-EskimoMalamute-WhiteDog_on_snow.jpg

This dog is not a malamute. It may be a Canadian Eskimo Dog, or a mixed breed
(Samoyed+ChowChow) or something similar. The muzzle is too short and broad to
be malamute, eyes are too light in colour also. The tail is too tightly curled,
the coat too heavy.

File To Comment: animal2/snowdog-Canadian_Eskimo_Dog_on_snow.jpg

This photo of the white dogs - is DEFINATELY not a Canadian Eskimo Dog either!
I have raised Eskimo Dogs for many years... and while there ARE white Eskimo Dogs
they do not EVER have the soft wooly coat that this dog has. This cost appears
to me to be VERY Samoyed. While Eskimo dogs can have light color eyes obliquely set
(as this dog does) and tight \223snap\224 tail with bushy plumes - the soft coat of
this dog is truly NOT an Eskimo dog trait. Eskimo Dog coats are much less \223wooly\224
and more course - they look shiny and soft - but are generally quite harsh to the touch.
They are double-coated and come in any and all dog colors.

Personally I think this dog is either a mix (of maybe Sam and another northern breed)
or is a Samoyed.

Date: Sun Sep 05 21:33:36 KST 1999
File To Comment: animal2/snowdog-Samoyed_Mix-Dog_standing_on_snow.jpg

this white dog to me seems like a mix breed ...appears to stocky to be
pure samoyed..perhaps a sam crossed with a chow chow

looks like shadow...Rebecca's dog
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