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Iberian painted frog (Discoglossus galganoi)
Subject: Iberian painted frog (Discoglossus galganoi)
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Iberian painted frog (Discoglossus galganoi)

Fotography of an Iberian Painted Frog (Discoglossus galganoi), The animal was found swimming in salty water and transfered to the lawn for fotography.
Picture taken by Janek Pfeifer on October 12th 2005 in Aveiro, Portugal,

The Iberian painted frog (Discoglossus galganoi, in Spanish sapillo pintojo ibérico) is a species of frog in the family Alytidae (formerly Discoglossidae). It is found in Portugal and Spain, where its natural habitats are temperate forests, temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rivers, intermittent rivers, swamps, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, sandy shores, arable land and grassland. It is threatened by habitat loss. Order: Anura, Family: Alytidae, Synonyms: Discoglossus hispanicus.

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