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Darwin's fox, Darwin's Zorro (Lycalopex fulvipes)
Subject: Darwin's fox, Darwin's Zorro (Lycalopex fulvipes)
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Vulpes fulvipes - 1833-1866 - Print - Iconographia Zoologica - Special Collections University of Amsterdam - UBA01 IZ22200317.jpg
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Darwin's fox, Darwin's Zorro (Lycalopex fulvipes)

Vulpes fulvipes
Date 1833-1866
Artist Creator:H. Smith; Creator:Lizars
Source/Photographer Smith, The naturalist's library, IX p. 257 pl. 26
Old Latin name Vulpes fulvipes
New Latin name Lycalopex fulvipes
Common name Nederlands: Darwins vos

Darwin's fox or Darwin's Zorro (Lycalopex fulvipes) is a small Endangered canine from the genus Lycalopex. It lives on Nahuelbuta National Park (Araucanía Region), the Valdivian Coastal Range (Los Ríos Region) in mainland Chile and Chiloé Island. Darwin's fox does not interbreed with the other Lycalopex species, only lives in forests, and is smaller and darker-colored than the other species. In 1990 a small population of Darwin's fox was found on the mainland in the forested Nahuelbuta National Park, indicating that the fox was not endemic to the island.

darwin's fox
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