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Steller's Rock-Trout & Lingcod (Cultus Cod) <!--범노래미-->
Subject: Steller's Rock-Trout & Lingcod (Cultus Cod)
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Steller's Rock-Trout & Lingcod (Cultus Cod)

Plate 84. Steller's Rock-Trout. Hexagrammus asper, Steller. The Cultus Cod. Ophiodon elongatus, Girard.

Image ID: figb0344, Historic NMFS Collection

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Ophiodon elongatus Girard, 1854
Synonyms: Ophiodon elongates Girard, 1854
Common Names: lingcod, buffalo cod, cultus cod [English], molva [Spanish]
The whitespotted greenling, Hexagrammos stelleri, is a species which was described by Tilesius, 1810. Hexagrammos stelleri is included in the genus and family Hexagrammidae. Hexagrammos is a genus of greenlings native to the north Pacific Ocean. Order: Scorpaeniformes, Family: Hexagrammidae, Genus: Hexagrammos, Species: Hexagrammos stelleri Tilesius, 1810.

cultus cod
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