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Delphinus capensis, Long-beaked common dolphin
Subject: Delphinus capensis, Long-beaked common dolphin
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Delphinus capensis, Long-beaked common dolphin

CMS: Delphinus capensis, Longbeaked common dolphin

English: Longbeaked common dolphin
German: Gewöhnlicher Delphin mit langem Schnabel
Spanish: Delfín común a pico largo
French: Dauphin commun a bec large

Delphinus capensis
Parissa Yazdi,
1. Description
All common dolphins are slender and have a long beak sharply demarcated
from the melon. The dorsal fin is high and moderately curved backwards.
Common dolphins are distinguished from other species by a unique
crisscross colour pattern formed by interaction of the dorsal overlay
and cape. This yields a four-part pattern of dark grey to black
dorsally, buff to pale yellow anterior thoracic patch, light to
medium grey on the flank and a white abdominal field. In the long-beaked
species, the colour pattern is less crisp and colourful than in

common dolphin
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