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Common Dolphin emmalee tarry
Subject: Common Dolphin emmalee tarry
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Common Dolphin emmalee tarry


Common Dolphin

Common Dolphin
Common Bottle-nosed Dolphin
Two populations of
Common Bottle-nosed Dolphins are recognized. The coastal
population is well known by its representation as "Flipper"
of television fame, performing in dolphin shows and
exploited in "swim with" programs. Pelagic birders are
more likely to encounter the offshore Bottle-nosed Dolphin
on continental shelf edge trips.
Bottle-nosed Dolphins are a combination of gray tones
lighter on the underside and darker on the upper part of the
body. They jump and ride bow waves. are a
different population from the
more familiar inshore dolphins usually seen in dolphin shows and "swim with" programs. These
were photographed by Steve Mirick on 2001 Hydrographers Canyon trip.

common dolphin
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