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red crossbill, common crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
Subject: red crossbill, common crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)
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red crossbill, common crossbill (Loxia curvirostra)

Plate 197 of Birds of America by John James Audubon depicting American Crossbill.
Date 1827-1838
Source University of Pittsburgh
Author John James Audubon (1785–1851)

The red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) is a small passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae, also known as the common crossbill in Eurasia. Crossbills have distinctive mandibles, crossed at the tips, which enable them to extract seeds from conifer cones and other fruits.

Scientific Name: Loxia curvirostra Linnaeus, 1758
Common Names: Red Crossbill, Crossbill, Common Crossbill
French: Bec-croisé des sapins, bec-croisé des sapins German: Fichtenkreuzschnabel Spanish: Piquituerto Común, Picotuerto rojo
Taxonomy: Loxia curvirostra Linnaeus, 1758, Sweden.

common crossbill
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