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damba (Paretroplus damii)
Subject: damba (Paretroplus damii)
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damba (Paretroplus damii)

English: Paretroplus damii, on display at the Museo di Storia Naturale e del Territorio, Calci (Province Pisa), Italy
Date 12 July 2015
Source Own work
Author Hectonichus

The damba (Paretroplus damii) is a species of cichlid. This species can be found in several river basins in northwestern Madagascar. The genus name Paretroplus is composed by the Greek Para (meaning similar to) and Etroplus (a closely related genus of Indian cichlids). The Latin species name damii honors the naturalist van Dam). P. damii is the largest Paretroplus. Order: Perciformes, Family: Cichlidae, Subfamily: Etroplinae.
Paretroplus dami Bleeker, 1868 (orth. error)
Paretroplus vandami

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