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pinstripe menarambo, pinstripe damba (Paretroplus menarambo)
Subject: pinstripe menarambo, pinstripe damba (Paretroplus menarambo)
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Cichlidae - Paretroplus menarambo - pinstripe menarambo, pinstripe damba (Paretroplus menarambo).JPG
Resolution: 1801x1354 File Size: 1760027 Bytes Date: 2015:07:12 12:49:36 Camera: NIKON D200 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/5.3 Exposure: 10/600 sec Focal Length: 650/10 Upload Date: 2017:01:26 00:49:56

pinstripe menarambo, pinstripe damba (Paretroplus menarambo)

English: Paretroplus menarambo, on display at the Museo di Storia Naturale e del Territorio, Calci (Province Pisa), Italy
Date 12 July 2015
Source Own work
Author Hectonichus

The pinstripe menarambo or pinstripe damba (Paretroplus menarambo) is a species of cichlid fish. It is threatened by invasive species and over-fishing. It is part of a captive breeding program by public institutions like London Zoo and Bolton Museum and among fishkeeping hobbyists. Order: Perciformes, Family: Cichlidae, Subfamily: Etroplinae.

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