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Attwater's Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri) <!--큰초원뇌조(아종)-->
Subject: Attwater's Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri)
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Attwater's Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri)

From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library.
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Title: Attwater's Prairie Chicken
Alternative Title: (none)
Creator: Lavendowski, George
Source: WO-515-30
Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Language: EN - ENGLISH
Rights: (public domain)
Audience: (general)
Subject: bird, birds, game, gamebird, endangered, refuges

Abstract: A endangered sub-species of prairie chicken, small numbers found only in Texas in isolated areas and on the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge, Texas. While it is in the family of game birds, because of it's endangered status it may not be hunted. Cooperative conservation programs with private landowners is important to recovering this species. More information on the Attwater's Prairie Chicken can be found at, the USFWS's endangered species website.

Available: February 06 2002
Issued: January 28 2002
Modified: June 10 2002

The Attwater’s prairie chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri) is a grouse unique to the coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana. It is closely related to the Greater prairie chicken, which lives in the tallgrass prairies farther north. More than a century ago, an estimated one million Attwater’s prairie chickens inhabited their range. By 1937, approximately 8,700 birds remained, all in Texas. Attwater’s prairie chickens were listed as endangered in 1967, when only 1,000 birds remained. Today it is considered one of the most endangered birds in North America.

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