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Tub gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucerna)
Subject: Tub gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucerna)
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Tub gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucerna)

Chelidonichthys lucerna syn. Trigla hirundo
Date 1868
Author Auguste Henri André Duméril; Henri de La Blanchère; A. Mesnel
Full title La Pêche et les poissons : nouveau dictionnaire général des pêches /

The tub gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucerna), also known as the sapphirine gurnard, tube-fish, tubfish or yellow gurnard, is a is a species of marine ray-finned fish belonging to the family Triglidae, the gurnards and sea robins. It is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Order: Scorpaeniformes
Family: Triglidae
Genus: Chelidonichthys
Subgenus: Chelidonichthys
Species: Chelidonichthys lucerna (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Trigla lucerna Linnaeus, 1758
- Trigla hirundo Linnaeus, 1758
- Trigla corvus Rafinesque, 1810
- Trigla corax Bonaparte, 1834

chelidonichthys lucerna
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