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Jinsuk Kim
Realy sorry for my late response.
I have been in a conference to give a presentation.

The first problem in deletion was an error in programming logic in my site.
I have just fixed the error. (Thanks for reporting this).
Now you can delete your recent postings.

And, postings of your old photos are from newsgroup around 2000 and 2001.
At that time I asked you to post your photos in my site, and got your permission.
Your old photos can be found at

In early 2004, this archive adopted an information retrieval engine and old data was converted to current format. During this conversion, poster information such as name and e-mail were automatically mapped to poster's name and address of current status.

Sorry again for your displeasure.
If you confirm, I will delete your old photos from this archive.
(Each old photos have systematically generated password.)

Jinsuk Kim

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