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Central Asian red deer (Cervus hanglu)
Subject: Central Asian red deer (Cervus hanglu)
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Central Asian red deer (Cervus hanglu)

The Central Asian red deer, Cervus hanglu, is found in riparian regions of Central Asia, western China and mountainous areas of northern India. The Bukhara deer is a subspecies of Central Asian red deer. They live in sexually segregated herds except during the breeding season. The males are considerably larger than the females and grow a full rack of antlers which are used to compete for females during mating season, or rut. After the rut, the antlers are shed and will regrow in the following breeding season. Due to anthropogenic threats, the number of Bukhara deer decreased in the 1960s, becoming restricted to a few nature reserves and locally extinct in many other areas of their former range. After several conservation actions, including reintroductions and introduction into suitable habitats, the population increased to an estimated 3,735 – 3,900 in 2020 (including semi-wild animals in large enclosures). The Central Asian red deer species as a whole is designated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List due to the recovery of Bukhara deer, although this subspecies has not been separately evaluated. However, the CMS have listed the Bukhara deer in both Appendix I and II, covering species with a risk of extinction within parts of their range and with unfavourable conservation status to encourage global or regional conservation agreements. In CITES, the species is listed under Appendix II, where international trade of the species is controlled.

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