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Chaetodon guentheri, Crochet butterflyfish
Subject: Chaetodon guentheri, Crochet butterflyfish
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Chaetodon guentheri, Crochet butterflyfish

Español: Chaetodon guentheri en islas Solitarias, Australia
Date 7 July 2014, 14:31:53
Author Andrew J. Green / Reef Life Survey

Chaetodon guentheri or the Crotchet butterflyfish is a fish species in the genus Chaetodon, and is native to The western pacific ocean near Taiwan. In the wild they are found near rocky reefs and feed on plankton. They grow up to 7 inches.
Order: Perciformes
Family: Chaetodontidae
Genus: Chaetodon
Species: Chaetodon guentheri C. G. E. Ahl, 1923

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