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Dwarf Brocket Deer (Mazama chunyi) - Wiki
Subject: Dwarf Brocket Deer (Mazama chunyi) - Wiki
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Dwarf Brocket Deer (Mazama chunyi) - Wiki

Dwarf Brocket
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Order: Artiodactyla
Suborder: Ruminantia
Family: Cervidae

[Photo] Dwarf brocket deer Mazama chunyi at Rio Los Amigos. Source:

The Dwarf Brocket (Mazama chunyi), or Chunyi, is a small species of deer native to Bolivia and Peru. The deer is brown, with dark grey foreparts and neck. The underparts are lighter brown, and the muzzle short and thick. It weighs approximately 11 kilograms.

A little studied species of Brocket Deer, the IUCN considers "Data Deficient" in evaluating the Dwarf Brocket's conservation status. Research has occurred in the forests of Bolivia, expanding known localities and modelling geographic distribution; while as much as 40% of the habitat was degraded or fragmented, the rest showed good conservation and "Vulnerable" status was recommended for the species.
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brocket deer
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