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Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) <!--워터벅, 물영양(-羚羊)-->
Subject: Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus)
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Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus)

From: (Pierre)
Subject: Fauna in South Africa - PO_Fisa_113_Kob_a_croissant.jpg
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 17:59:57 GMT

Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) is an antelope found in Western, Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa.

The waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. Kobus ellipsiprymnus is placed in the family Bovidae. In this sexually dimorphic antelope, male waterbucks are taller and heavier than females. The long, spiral horns, present only on males, curve backward, then forward. Kobus ellipsiprymnus acquired the vernacular name "waterbuck" due to its heavy dependence on water as compared to other antelopes and its ability to enter into water for defence.
Order: Artiodactyla > Family: Bovidae > Genus: Kobus > Species: Kobus ellipsiprymnus

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