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Blyth's flying fox (Pteropus melanotus)
Subject: Blyth's flying fox (Pteropus melanotus)
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Blyth's flying fox (Pteropus melanotus)

With its big, round eyes and long snout, Blyth's flying fox (Pteropus melanotus) is aptly named for its fox-like face. The large ears have well-rounded tips and are black, hence its alternative common name of black-eared flying fox.

The coat colour of Blyth's flying fox depends on the island it inhabits. In general, those from the Nicobar Islands have a brown head and reddish body, while the inhabitants of Andaman Islands tend to have a black head and brown body with grey stripes. Individuals on Christmas Island typically have blackish or dark brown fur, peppered with greyish-white hairs, and a slightly paler wash on the back of the neck.

Male and female Blyth's flying foxes do not differ in size, but females tend to be darker than males.

black-eared flying fox
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