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Insect Photos -- part 2
Subject: Insect Photos -- part 2
Poster: Mark Cassino (
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Insect Photos -- part 2

To: Kim Jinsuk

Junsuk --

Here's the next 10 insect photos from the September update:

i11 -- Unknown wasp
i12 -- Honey Bee (probably my best honey bee shot)
i13 -- Syrphid Fly
i14 -- Silver Skipper in flight
i15 -- Bumble Bee
i16 -- Silver Skipper
i17 -- Bumble bee
i18 -- Honey Bee
i19 -- Silver Skipper
i20 -- Bee Fly (I posted one of these on usenet which is in your archive
-- but it was mis-identified as a bumble bee. This is actually a fly
that mimics a bee -- family bombyliidae. (I thought it was a bee but an
entomologist who vistied the site informed me of my error.)

Birds from September to follow...

Mark Cassino
Kalamazoo, MI

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Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="i12.jpg"
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Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="i20.jpg"

Mark Cassino kindly sent these images to me.

His website has more bird and insect images mostly
taken at his backyard.


bee fly
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