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Arctic alligatorfish (Ulcina olrikii or Aspidophoroides olrikii)
Subject: Arctic alligatorfish (Ulcina olrikii or Aspidophoroides olrikii)
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Arctic alligatorfish (Ulcina olrikii or Aspidophoroides olrikii)

Author Barton Warren Evermann (1853–1932) Edmund Lee Goldsborough (1868–1953)
English: Aspidophoroides guntheri Bean
Date 1907
English: Evermann, Barton Warren; Goldsborough, Edmund Lee (1907) Fishes of Alaska, Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, vol. 26, 1906, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office

The Arctic alligatorfish (Aspidophoroides olrikii) is a fish in the family Agonidae (poachers). It was described by C.F. Lütken in 1877. It is a marine and brackish-water dwelling fish which is known from the Arctic, the northwestern Atlantic and northwestern and northeastern Pacific Ocean. Order: Scorpaeniformes, Family: Agonidae, Genus: Aspidophoroides, Species: Aspidophoroides olrikii Lütken, 1877
Ulcina olrikii (Lütken, 1877)
Aspidophoroides olriki Lütken, 1877
Ulcina olriki (Lütken, 1877)
Aspidophoroides guentherii Bean, 1885
Aspidophoroides guntheri Bean, 1885
Aspidophoroides güntherii Bean, 1885
Ulcina güntheri (Bean, 1885)

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