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Hog deer - Axis porcinus (J01) <!--돼지사슴-->
Subject: Hog deer - Axis porcinus (J01)
Poster: Kim Jinsuk (
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Hog deer - Axis porcinus (J01)


Hog deer
Axis porcinus

The Indian hog deer (Axis porcinus) is a small deer whose habitat ranges from Pakistan, through northern India, to mainland southeast Asia.

Scientific Name: Hyelaphus porcinus Zimmermann, 1780
Common Names: Hog Deer, Indian Hog Deer, Indochina Hog Deer, Indochinese Hog Deer, Thai Hog Deer; [French] Cerf-cochon, Cerf-cochon d'Indochine, Cerf des Marais; [Spanish] Ciervo Porquerizo de Indochina
Synonyms: Axis porcinus (Zimmermann, 1780)

axis porcinus
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