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Sri Lankan Axis Deer (Axis axis ceylonensis) - wiki
Subject: Sri Lankan Axis Deer (Axis axis ceylonensis) - wiki
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Sri Lankan Axis Deer (Axis axis ceylonensis) - wiki

Sri lankan axis deer
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The Srilankan axis deer (Axis axis ceylonensis) or Ceylon Spotted Deer Is a Sub-species of axis deer (axis axis) that inhabits only Srilanka. The namechitalnever used in srilanka.

Food Spotted deer are active during early Morning and evening but commonly it Come to near waterholes anytime. Axis deer eat primarily grasses but it also Eats fallen fruits, leaves. axis deer graze closely with langur, peacock, wild buffalo and sambar.It lives in groups between 10-60 animals. Sometimes up to 100 animals.

Axis deer is important prey for Sri lankan leopard it also prey for sloth bear, Jackal. Wild cat, Civet sometime kills calves.

Habitat Range and Conservation Status

These deer are occurring in lowland dry forests, savannas and shrub lands. Vary rarely occur in dry mountain areas.

Unlike Mainland axis deer (it is Low risk least concern) Srilankan axis deer Considering as Vulnerable. Threats are hunting for meat, deforestation.historically axis deer were found in very large numbers in entire dry zone of Srilanka But these numbers were largely reduced. Today several thousands of these deer are found in Srilanka.axis deer mainly found all protected areas in dry zone. Small numbers live outside protected forest. But numbers are still decreasing. Large herds can found only in protected areas.
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axis deer
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