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axis deer - 259-13.jpg - chital (Axis axis)
Subject: axis deer - 259-13.jpg - chital (Axis axis)
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axis deer - 259-13.jpg - chital (Axis axis)

at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The chital or cheetal or spotted deer or axis deer (Axis axis) is a deer found in the Indian subcontinent. Axis deer is sexually dimorphic: males are larger than females, and antlers are present only on males. The upper parts are golden to rufous, completely covered in white spots.

Scientific Name: Axis axis (Erxleben, 1777)
Common Names: Chital, Cheetal, Axis Deer, Indian Spotted Deer, Spotted Deer; [French] Cerf axis
Synonyms: Cervus axis Erxleben, 1777

axis deer
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