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Asiatic wild ass, onager (Equus hemionus)
Subject: Asiatic wild ass, onager (Equus hemionus)
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1974 CPA 4352 mint.jpg
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Asiatic wild ass, onager (Equus hemionus)

Русский: Марка СССР
English: USSR stamp
Date 22 May 1974
Source Scanned 600 dpi by User Matsievsky from personal collection
Author USSR Post

The onager or hemione or Asiatic wild ass (Equus hemionus) is a species of the family Equidae (horse family) native to Asia. The onager formerly had a wider range from southwest and central to northern Asian countries. Today, onagers live in deserts and other arid regions of Iran, Pakistan, India, and Mongolia, including in Central Asian hot and cold deserts of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and China.

asian wild ass
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