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Bactrian deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus)
Subject: Bactrian deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus)
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Cervus.elaphus.bactrianus.male - Bactrian deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus).jpg
Resolution: 2352x1764 File Size: 567657 Bytes Date: 2007:03:05 14:09:30 Camera: E-330 (OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. ) F number: f/5.6 Exposure: 1/1000 sec Focal Length: 150/1 Upload Date: 2017:04:03 18:05:47

Bactrian deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus)

Male Cervus elaphus bactrianus (Bukhara Red Deer), from Cologne Zoo, Germany.
Date 5 March 2007
Author Sarefo

The Bactrian deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus), also called the Bukhara deer, Bokhara deer or Bactrian wapiti, is a lowland subspecies of red deer that is native to Central Asia. It is similar in ecology to the Yarkand deer in occupying riparian corridors surrounded by deserts. Both subspecies are separated from one another by the Tian Shan Mountains and probably form a primordial subgroup of red Deer.
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Cervidae
Subfamily: Cervinae
Genus: Cervus
Species: Cervus elaphus
Subspecies: Cervus elaphus bactrianus Lydekker, 1900

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