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Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica) - Wiki
Subject: Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica) - Wiki
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Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica) - Wiki

Orange-winged Amazon
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[Photo] photo of an Orange-winged Amazon Parrot in Tropical Birdland, Leicestershire, England. Date photo taken on 31 July 2007. Author Snowmanradio

The Orange-winged Amazon (Amazona amazonica), also known locally as Orange-winged Parrot, is a large Amazon parrot. It is a resident breeding bird in tropical South America, from Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago south to Peru and central Brazil.

Its habitat is forest and semi-open country. Although common, it is persecuted as an agricultural pest and by capture for the pet trade (over 66,000 captured in the years 1981-1985). It is also hunted as a food source.

The Orange-winged Amazon lays three to five white eggs in a tree cavity, which are incubated by the female for 3 weeks, with a further two months to fledging.

The Orange-winged Amazon is about 33 cm long and weighs 340 g. It is mainly green with a lateral blue stripe on the forehead, some yellow on the crown, cheeks and outer tail tips, and an orange speculum. Sexes are alike.

A. a. tobagensis, found only on Trinidad and Tobago, is a subspecies which is larger then the nominate form, and has more orange in the wing.

Orange-winged Amazons are noisy birds and make loud, high-pitched screams. They eat fruit and seeds, including the fruit of palm trees and sometimes cocoa. They roost communally in palm and other trees, and large numbers can be seen at the roost sites at dawn and dusk.

It is becoming common as a feral bird in the Miami, Florida area of the USA.
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Scientific Name: Amazona amazonica (Linnaeus, 1766)
Common Names: Orange-winged Amazon, Orange-winged Parrot
French: Amazone aourou; German: Venezuelaamazone; Spanish: Amazona alinaranja
Taxonomy: Psittacus amazonicus Linnaeus, 1766, le pays des Amazones.

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