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Re: Albino Squirrel - 61-21.jpg (1/1)
Subject: Re: Albino Squirrel - 61-21.jpg (1/1)
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61-21-White Albino Squirrel-foraging on ground-by Lisa Purcell.jpg
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Re: Albino Squirrel - 61-21.jpg (1/1)

This is the only albino squirrel I have ever seen. Luckily I had my
camera! This was at the National Zoo in 1994. The squirrel was wild.


File To Comment: animal3/61-21-White_Albino_Squirrel-foraging_on_ground.jpg

I have also seen an albino squirrel in my backyard within the last two weeks.
I live in the Detroit area and have also taken pictures of it.

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