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[Albino] White snake - albino rattler
Subject: [Albino] White snake - albino rattler
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Albino Rattler.jpg
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[Albino] White snake - albino rattler

From: "Jean Valjean"
Subject: Random Repost of Some FAVORITES! - albino rattlesnake
Date: 16 Apr 1997 03:43:17 GMT


How can this be albino and LIVING if it is in the desert sun? Tell me that now. Oh and I totally agree with 'sudeep'- "gfbhdfghdgdg!"
This snake is fowl
If I had one wish....I would banish the exsistance of all snakes, crabs and spiders they are disgusting!!
The Snake is missing a pigment gene. It is not an albino that is how it can live in the desert. It's skin is not sensitive like an albino's it is just while.
Ok. Well you were kinda close. This snake IS missing a pigment gene BUT it is an albino. The pigment it's missing is the color, nothing more. Being albino has little to do with the sensitivity of the animal. Being albino simply means your missing that pigment gene of color, it has been mutated. The only reason albinos die so quickly is they are not blending into the background and easy to spot. Not the sensitivity. This is obviously a very lucky snake and a very strong snake. Genes was one of the MAIN things we covered in my second year of Ag.

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