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Zabulon Skipper (Poanes zabulon) - Wiki
Subject: Zabulon Skipper (Poanes zabulon) - Wiki
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Zabulon Skipper (Poanes zabulon) - Wiki

Zabulon Skipper
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[Photo] A male Zabulon Skipper. Photo taken by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson on July 18th, 2007.
Copyright (C) 2007 Kenneth Dwain Harrelson
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The Zabulon Skipper, Poanes zabulon, is a butterfly first described by the French naturalists Jean Baptiste Boisduval and John Eatton Le Conte, from the state of Georgia, United States. It ranges from Wisconsin east to the East Coast, south to Georgia, Texas, and Panama. This small butterfly has slim, triangular wings. Recorded food plants of the caterpillars are grasses such as Agrostis, Dactylis, Elytrigia, Eragrostis, Leymus, Poa, Puccinellia and Tridens.
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Zabulon skipper butterfly
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