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woodchat shrike (Lanius senator)
Subject: woodchat shrike (Lanius senator)
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Alcaudón común (Lanius senator) (8587246504) (2) - woodchat shrike (Lanius senator).jpg
Resolution: 1050x1452 File Size: 907494 Bytes Date: 2013:03:19 10:49:26 Camera: NIKON D300 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/5.6 Exposure: 1/2500 sec Focal Length: 4200/10 Upload Date: 2017:03:05 03:35:47

woodchat shrike (Lanius senator)

Date 19 March 2013, 10:49
Source Alcaudón común (Lanius senator)
Author Juan Emilio from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España

The woodchat shrike (Lanius senator) is a member of the shrike family Laniidae. The genus name, Lanius, is derived from the Latin word for "butcher", and some shrikes are also known as "butcher birds" because of their feeding habits. The specific senator is Latin for "senator", so-named because its chestnut cap recalled the colour of the stripe on the toga of a Roman senator. The common name "Woodchat" is an Anglicisation of German waldkatze, literally "woodcat", and "shrike" is from Old English scríc, "shriek", referring to the shrill call.
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Laniidae
Genus: Lanius
Species: Lanius senator Linnaeus, 1758

Woodchat shrike
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