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Att'n: Lodestar. Another white gator. - white Gator.jpg
Subject: Att'n: Lodestar. Another white gator. - white Gator.jpg
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White gator-American Alligator-by Jose Sierra Jr.jpg
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Att'n: Lodestar. Another white gator. - white_Gator.jpg

Hi Lodestar

I totally missed John White's albino gator which I'm sure is
excellent, I took this photo of an albino at the Parrot Jungle in
Miami, Fl.
The story: a fisherman in the Louisiana found what was left of a new
hatch of gators. Most were white and had been decimated by predators
by then. He captured as many as he could and a pair ended up in Miami.
I don't remember what became of the other one but it might have been
resting from the show(?).
Sorry about the poor quality but it was in the dark with some heavy
noon light coming thru in bars, and I had to shoot thru dirty
plexiglass. This one, the only one I kept, I took by standing on a
bench with help from my long suffering wife. I almost got thrown out
of the park for my efforts!

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White alligator
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