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Chinese Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) - Wiki
Subject: Chinese Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) - Wiki
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Chinese Water Dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) - Wiki

Chinese Water Dragon
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[Photo] Wasseragame (Physignathus cocincinus). Source/Quelle: Fotografiert von Marcel Burkhard alias cele4

Chinese water dragon (green lizard) Physignathus cocincinus. Males can grow up to 36 inches in length, females up to 24 inches. Its color can vary between a bright green and a dark brown, according to the stresses of its environment.

They are Native to Southeast Asia. They're also very good swimmer who sometimes submurge themselves for long periods of time. They are capable of eating insects, small fish such as goldfish, small mammals such as "pinky" mice, and certain vegetation. Drops from branches into bodies of water when startled. Escapes predators on land by, sometimes, raising up and running on hind legs.

Chinese water dragons are sometimes kept as pets, but require special accommodations. As arboreal creatures, they need large enclosures (55 gallons for a juvenile, larger for an adult), and a humidity of 80%, a daytime temperature of 84-88 degrees Fahrenheit, and a night time of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal in order to simulate their natural rainforest environment. As with most diurnal reptiles, they require both UVA and UVB lighting in order to properly absorb calcium. Chinese water dragons have an excellent temperament, rarely bite, and make excellent pets -- provided one is willing to invest the extra effort in care.
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Water dragon
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