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Boscá's newt, Iberian newt (Lissotriton boscai)
Subject: Boscá's newt, Iberian newt (Lissotriton boscai)
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Boscá's newt, Iberian newt (Lissotriton boscai)

Lissotriton boscai
Author Mauricio Rivera Correa

Boscá's newt (Lissotriton boscai, formerly Triturus boscai), also known as the Iberian newt, is a species of newt in the family Salamandridae. The species is found in Portugal and western Spain. The specific name boscai is in honor of Spanish herpetologist Eduardo Boscá.
Order: Caudata
Family: Salamandridae
Genus: Lissotriton
Species: Lissotriton boscai (Lataste, 1879)
Triturus boscai Lataste, 1879
Lophinus boscai — Litvinchuk et al., 2005

Scientific Name: Lissotriton boscai (Lataste, 1879)
Common Names: Bosca's Newt, Boscá's Newt, Iberian Newt; [Spanish] Tritón Ibérico
Triturus boscai (Lataste in Tourneville, 1879)
Pelonectes boscai Lataste in Tourneville, 1879
Triton Maltzani Boettger, 1879
Triton palmatus var. boscai — Boettger, 1879
Molge boscae — Boulenger, 1882
Triton boscae — Camerano, 1885
Triton boscai — Schultze, 1891
Triton (Triton) boscae — Wolterstorff, 1901
Triton (Triton) boscai — Wolterstorff, 1902
Triturus boscai — Dunn, 1918
Triton (Palaeotriton) boscai — Bolkay, 1928
Triturus (Palaeotriton) boscai — Thorn, 1968
Lophinus boscai — Litvinchuk, Zuiderwijk, Borkin & Rosanov, 2005

Triturus maltzani
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