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Animal Skull Identification
Subject: Animal Skull Identification
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Ghost Town Skull.jpg
Resolution: 2880x1913 File Size: 497349 Bytes Date: 2009:07:11 16:34:54 Camera: NIKON D300 (NIKON CORPORATION) F number: f/14.0 Exposure: 1/40 sec Focal Length: 500/10 Upload Date: 2009:11:04 09:50:20

Animal Skull Identification

I took this photo at a Montana Ghostown several months ago. I think it may be a horse skull but I am not sure. If you know, please let me know what it is.



I agree with your opinion. It's a horse skull...
It is some kind of animal like the horse it is a herbivore animal because of the diastema between the incisors and the cheek teeth... it could be a horse as the maxilla and mandible are the shapes of a horse... however it may not be... i study animal biology and some o the horse skull pictures i have dont look like this but it may just be the breed of the horse
hi bruce this is indeed a horse skull. the reason why it could have no top incisors is, she could have been a cribber (which these horses will wear down their teeth a lot quicker, especially the incisors). and when i say this is a she, because a mare won't usually have canine teeth. the reason why that i say this is because i am an Equine Dental Technician (EqDT), for short is a horse dentist. i have studied skulls and i know what the horse skull looks like in different situations, as such as this one.
The skull is an elk skull. Elk are ungulates and don't have top incisors. It has the right number of premolars and molars and the spots where the ivories should have been.
Hi, I agree with guest. Checked a replica of an Elk on the Acorn Naturalist website and looks like an Elk.
Its not a horse. Horses have top teath. its an elk, or mule deer skull. even a cow
it's definitely the skull of a cervid (deer family). the lack of upper teeth and the opening into the nasal chamber above the lacrimal pit(depression just under the eye) are characteristic traits of the family. no other ungulate family in north america has that opening. as for more specific identification, it is a little difficult to determine exactly without some sense of scale.i 'm going to hazard a guess that it is a female elk. the proportions are consistent with that species whitetail and mule deer both have a shorter snout and lack the small "peg teeth" that can be observed on the upper jaw just behind the premaxillary (nose) bones.
factoring in the location, it is hard to imagine what else it could be
-hope this helps
i found one like this in my yard in which my dog had brought in and after looking at some photos of skulls i came to believe it was a deer...

The snout
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