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great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus)
Subject: great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus)
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great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus)

Argus Pheasant, Displaying.

Title: Bird-lore
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: National Association of Audubon Societies for the Protection of Wild Birds and Animals
Subjects: Birds -- Periodicals; Birds -- Conservation Periodicals
Date 1915
Source book page:

The great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus) is a species of pheasant. The scientific name of the Great Argus was given in reference to the many eyes-like pattern on its wings. Argus is a hundred-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The great argus is native to the jungles of Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia.

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