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Loggerhead Seaturtle #1
Subject: Loggerhead Seaturtle #1
Poster: John White (
Loggerhead Turtle1 1-by John White.jpg
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Loggerhead Seaturtle #1

Best Regards,

John White
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From: John White
Subject: Re: Loggerhead Seaturtle #3
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 17:43:15 -0500

The loggerhead turtle images were taken at the National Aquarium in
Washington, D.C. The photo was taken through the aquarium glass.

To my knowledge all seaturtles are protected, listed as Federally
Endangered or Threatened. I'm glad to hear that SC restricts access to
the seaturtles while they're nesting!


"S. Thomas Lewis" wrote:

> Where did you take this picture? Were you in an aquarium or
> underwater?
> I live in South Carolina, where sea turtles lay eggs. However, they
> are quite restrictive at the state parks, and will not allow people to
> take flash or even use lights on the beach at night to see one of
> these.

The aquarium
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