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Swan Goose
Subject: Swan Goose
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Swan Goose

Central Park Swan Goose -

Central Park Zoo
Swan Goose
The Swan goose (Anser cygnoides) is the largest of the geese species,

Heather Vlach
Swan Goose at the Central Park Zoo.
at approximately 3 feet in length, and may have descended from the Chinese goose. The Swan goose is so named because it shares similar characteristics with the swan, such as the long beak and neck. If you want to see a swan, walk on over to the Japanese macaque island where a mated pair of Black-necked swans swim freely in the water. The Swan geese share their exhibit, not with any mammals, but with the Mandarin ducks and usually one or two of Central Park’s pigeons that are there for the free food.

Swan goose
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