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Palawan bearded pig (Sus ahoenobarbus)
Subject: Palawan bearded pig (Sus ahoenobarbus)
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Palawan bearded pig (Sus ahoenobarbus)

Until recently, the bearded pigs of Southeast Asia were thought to comprise three subspecies under the scientific name Sus barbatus. However, genetic evidence now shows that the Palawan bearded pig warrants recognition as a distinct species. Like its former conspecifics, the Palawan bearded pig has an elongated skull and a dense tuft of coarse, white hair surrounding the cheek and snout. Supported on long legs, its large body is reddish-brown to black and sparsely haired. The male is slightly larger than the female and has small but marked facial warts, which are thought to provide protection during head-to-head fights.

Sus ahoenobarbus
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