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Poison Dart Frog (Family: Dendrobatidae, Genus: Dendrobates) - Wiki
Subject: Poison Dart Frog (Family: Dendrobatidae, Genus: Dendrobates) - Wiki
Oophaga pumilio-Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates pumilio).jpg
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Poison Dart Frog (Family: Dendrobatidae, Genus: Dendrobates) - Wiki

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[Photo] Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates pumilio) Basti morph - Strawberry Poison-dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio), Costa Rica. Date 2005-05-06. Author Clinton & Charles Robertson from Texas, USA

Dendrobates is a genus of poison dart frogs native to South America.

Dendrobates is the second largest genus in the Dendrobatidae family, with over 40 species.

Dendrobates abditus
Dendrobates altobueyensis
Dendrobates amazonicus
Dendrobates arboreus
Dendrobates auratus
Dendrobates azureus
Dendrobates biolat
Dendrobates bombetes
Dendrobates captivus
Dendrobates castaneoticus
Dendrobates claudiae
Dendrobates daleswansoni
Dendrobates dorisswansoni
Dendrobates duellmani
Dendrobates fantasticus
Dendrobates flavovittatus
Dendrobates fulguritus
Dendrobates galactonotus
Dendrobates granuliferus
Dendrobates histrionicus
Dendrobates imitator
Dendrobates intermedius
Dendrobates labialis
Dendrobates lamasi
Dendrobates lehmanni
Dendrobates leucomelas
Dendrobates minutus
Dendrobates mysteriosus
Dendrobates occultator
Dendrobates opisthomelas
Dendrobates pumilio
Dendrobates quinquevittatus
Dendrobates reticulatus
Dendrobates rubrocephalus
Dendrobates sirensis
Dendrobates speciosus
Dendrobates steyermarki
Dendrobates sylvaticus
Dendrobates tinctorius
Dendrobates truncatus
Dendrobates uakarii
Dendrobates vanzolinii
Dendrobates variabilis
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus
Dendrobates vicentei
Dendrobates viridis
Dendrobates virolinensis
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what is the common name of Dendrobatidae Dendrobates Amazonicus???
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Strawberry poison frog
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