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Puffer Fish
Subject: Puffer Fish
Poster: John White (
pufferfish-Spotted Trunkfish-by John White.jpg
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Puffer Fish

Best Regards,

John White
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From: Martin Kramer
Subject: Re: Puffer Fish
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 08:21:11 +0100

I think this is a boxfish or trunkfish
could be a Spotted Trunkfish (Lactophrys bicaudalis)
but I am not very sure on that, my book on coral reef
fishes does not cover all species.
Box fish are related to puffer fish, but they do not inflate
themselves but are protected by a shell of bony plates.

I assume you made these pictures in an aquarium
what film, shutter speed etc. did you
use to make these pictures? Did you use a flash?
My attempts always stranded on low light levels.

Martin Kramer

From: John White
Subject: Re: Puffer Fish
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 09:34:18 -0500

Hi Martin,

Thank you, your right! I was able to barrow a fish "field guide" and
the image does look like a young Spotted Trunkfish.
Few of the animals I photograph I know well and I appreciate you (and
others) correcting me when I've misidentified a species!

The photos were taken at the National Aquarium in Washington, D.C. The
oldest aquarium in the U.S.

I used 400 speed print film, shutter speed not noted, aperture was F8,
and I used a flash.
Here's the two techniques I use for shooting through glass:

1) Position the camera lens as close as possible to the aquarium glass.
2) Use a off-camera flash unit to insure that the angle of reflectance
is greater that 2.5?.



this needs more info on puffers
i think they're adorable!!!
i think they're adorable!!!
oh! umm... this picture is... very very marvelous! this puffer fish is, It's too small!
cute and, marvlous and, pretty!

Spotted trunkfish
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