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Timor Monitor (Varanus timorensis) - Wiki
Subject: Timor Monitor (Varanus timorensis) - Wiki
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Timor Monitor (Varanus timorensis) - Wiki

Varanus timorensis
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[Photo] Timor Monitor, Varanus timorensis. Photographer Dawson (

The Timor Monitor or Spotted Tree Monitor (Varanus timorensis) is a species of small monitor lizard native to Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia.

The Timor Monitor is generally a dark green or almost black in color, with bright gold-yellow spotting all along its back and a lighter straw-yellow coloring on its underside. They have a pointed nose, excellent eyesight, sharp teeth, and a long tail. They also have long, sharp claws well suited for climbing. The species grows to a length of 20-28 inches (50-70 cm).

Timor monitors are arboreal, diurnal lizards. Their diet consists of a variety of things, including: insects, scorpions, small rodents, and other reptiles, such as geckos and small snakes. Breeding takes place from December to March, and clutches of up to 11 eggs are laid and incubate for three to four months, depending on the average temperature. Hatchlings are approximiately 2 inches (5 cm) long, but grow quickly.

Geographic distribution
The Timor Monitor is found in Indonesia, specifically the islands of Timor, Savu and Rote, in Samoa, in southern New Guinea, and Australia in North Territory, Queensland, West Australia.

In captivity
The Timor Monitor is frequently captive bred and available in the exotic pet trade. The species can be nervous, and difficult to handle, but its small size makes it an attracting choice for a Varanid lizard. They are easy to house in a vivarium with plenty of climbing space and they readily feed on a diet of commercially available crickets and rodents.
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Spotted tree monitor
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